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👚 Lucy & Yak: My Favourites 👚

I have to admit, I was a little late to the Lucy & Yak party. I heard about them earlier this year, and made my first purchase in May when I saw their pop-up shop in Brighton, which lassoed and pulled me in by some supernatural dungaree force. It’s been ages since I wore something that I felt truly comfortable AND vaguely cool in, and my Yak’s have not only made me feel like 100% me, they’ve got me so many compliments! Here are some notable facts about the company, which I think should be considered when buying from them:

– Lucy and Chris, the founders, searched North India for a tailor to collaborate with in the early stages of the company. Nine tailors later they met Ismail, who was an ‘almost instant match’. His tailors are paid four times the state minimum wage and work in a brand new factory, with air conditioning for the hot season (which is powered by solar panels on the roof of the factory!)

– Orders are sent in 100% biodegradable mailing bags and wrapped in an 100% recycled material bag.

– The thank you cards and returns slip is 100% recycled card.

– Everyone on the UK side of the business is paid above the living wage.

Onto the purchases!


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These dungarees are EVERYTHING. They were my birthday treat to myself after I found the pop-up shop in Brighton, and I was so in love with them, I ended up on their website and buying some trousers on the train home. The lovely shop assistant was wearing the Trio Trousers, and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. These dungarees were around £54 – £58 mark, and they were 100% worth it.


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Clearly, I couldn’t get enough of this print. They’re actually too large, but I was genuinely so in love with them I was happy to have a baggier look. They’re my favourite trousers ever! They were £45, so not the cheapest find, but from a company that’s sustainable, supportive of workers, and incredibly original, I know these are going to last a long time and make a big impact.


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This truly does fit the definition of ‘mini pini’ – you won’t be bending over in this dress! I’m a huge fan of illustration and pinafores, so this was a match made in heaven for me. At £35, I was really pleased with how funky and original this piece of clothing is.


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The amazing thing about this fleece is that it’s made from recycled bottles! It works all-day-round in the winter, but also for chillier summer evenings. I’m a big fan of the 90s look, and this fleece is oversized and feels like a big warm hug. It’s £50, so a really reasonable price (in my opinion) for again, a very sustainable product. You can buy it, here!


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HOW. COOL. ARE. THESE!? These sold out in a matter of hours, so I ended up having to get a size smaller, which was sad. But luckily they still fit great and look absolutely amazing – I mean, how much more of an homage could you pay to the 90s!? They cost a total of £58, so they were definitely an investment.

The great thing about these items is that they’re comfortable and generously sized, so you can rock a baggy look, go a size down, or pull it all in with a belt. Speaking of belts, I bought their vegan leather belt to keep up my too-big Trio trousers. I was so happy to find it because I hate buying leather products! It cost £12, which is great, but sadly they only go up to a medium size, which is less great.

Lucy & Yak also stock some cool accessories and sustainable living items, such as food wraps, pin badges, and socks to name a few. Because I’m a sucker for stickers, I naturally bought their sticker sheet, which was £3.

I am really lucky to be in a position where I can afford to make investments in clothing that is sustainable and *fingers crossed!* long-lasting. If you’ve bought from Lucy and Yak, what are your favourite items? Make sure to check their stuff out here: https://lucyandyak.com/ and take a look at their social media channels!

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